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Zirconium Silicate
 The perfect replacement of STD Zirconium silicate.
 Ceramic Binder
 Can help to improve body-crack, body-low-density, spraying-powder
moisture content situation.         
 To help customers solve the problems of recovered meterial and recovered water system.





Zirconium Silicate for ceramic industry             
Code No: FG-901D/FG-901T
Usage:Ceramic tile
Dosage:1-5% in the body
Property:As a kind of modified product.FG-901 series already successful beenused in ceramic market well.Usually FG-901 can acheive the same performancecompare traditional STD zirconium silicate by 100-110% dosage but price is just 50% value.this is huge cost save for all customers which request zirconium silicate in ceramic industry.

sodium tripolyphosphate for body|Goway materials

Zirconium silicate 50% for ceramic industry

Zirconium Silicate

Ceramic body binder FG-253

Ceramic Deflocculant

Kaolin clay CF-11


Foshan Goway Materials Co.,LTD,since was established in 2009 has been

focus on becoming a stable quality,environmental-friendly,Professional

supplier of ceramic material, ceramic additives and other related products.

To ensure the production enterprise users with the good stability,

cost-effective products, we continue to upgrade the product technology

for customers’ convenience. The company pursues”Connecting,Trusting,

Supporting,Ready for better anytime”of the enterprise culture.we will try

our best to provide customized products and solutions for ceramic

production enterprises.

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Presentation on use of ceramic deflocculants in the process of manufacturing ceramic tiles
Presentation on use of ceramic deflocculants in the process of manufacturing ceramic tiles
2018 ceramic Fair--Goway Materials
As a well-known brand of ceramic raw material,Goway materials was carry a variety of new products at the Guangzhou Fair to show the powerful brand strength of Goway materials to the world.